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How boohoo carved out a MACH keystone for fast-growth e-commerce

Steve Nolan and Mark Elliott were relative newcomers to fashion e-commerce giant boohoo but they faced a conundrum when the company was rapidly assembling a ‘who’s who’ of UK retailers. Their job: to ensure that technology acted as an accelerator rather than a boat anchor slowing down the business.


Casey Paxton

What is Composable Commerce and Why is it Important?

There seems to be an almost endless stream of new channels cropping up every single day. Whether it’s new retailers coming onto the scene, social media apps looking to break into eCommerce, or new technology permeating the retail landscape, brands and retailers are struggling to keep up. Why?


MACH Alliance

Emma SleepMACH Aids Emma Sleep’s Expansive Dream

Combining world-class engineering with industry-leading sleep research, Emma Sleep has made its name in award-winning mattresses but it’s far from a sleepy business and its expansion plans call for moves into related markets and even apps. CTO Andreas Westendörpf is conscious of what is being asked of him: “[We need to] scale up, expand in different ways at the same time. Missing opportunities in business development [would be] a big problem.”


MACH Alliance

Sara DuMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Sara Du, CEO and Co-Founder, Alloy Automation

Sara Du, CEO and Co-founder of Alloy Automation, has an unusually impressive resume that dates back to her high school days. In high school, Sara started contributing to open source projects online and officially began her career at DoNotPay, the so-called “world’s first robot lawyer.” DoNotPay utilizes AI to help consumers fight parking tickets and bank fees - among other things - with the goal of leveling the playing field by making legal information and self-help more widely accessible. There, Sara worked on foundational automation tooling, tinkering with concepts that would inspire her own company just a few years later.


MACH Alliance

MACH-based Digital Asset Management

How a MACH-based DAM helps in driving agility and speed to market in an ever-growing library of media assets


Sonja Keerl

Mind the Dot: How to read analyst evaluations through a MACH lens

Technology continues to evolve as we move toward a future of modular digital experience technology architectures that are flexible and easy to maintain. As an industry body advocating for this future, one of our core objectives is supporting buyers to navigate the journey to composable architectures.


MACH Alliance

MACH Certification Serves as a Vendor Benchmark for the Market Shift to Composable

We have been vocal for some time that the market shift to MACH technology represents a major challenge to the position of long-established enterprise suites. Even the biggest tech companies are going composable with a focus on APIs and desire to be MACH. We fully encourage it.


The MACH Alliance Community is Hiring

Making the Case for MACH Whitepaper


MACH Alliance

Making the Case for MACH - Comprehensive ‘how to’ Guide for Senior Business Leaders


MACH Alliance

Women in MACH Manifesto for Gender Equality


Kelly Goetsch

Why is Gartner so excited by new digital commerce waves?


Chris Bach

MACH philosophy, Physical Store8 Best Practices for Composable Commerce

Sennheiser has been a major player in consumer electronics for over 70 years. But their high-traffic ecommerce properties aren’t built in the way you'd expect—in fact, they couldn't build the ecommerce experiences they wanted on a traditional platform.


Alex Petrov

MACH philosophy, Physical StoreTaking the MACH philosophy to advance the Physical Store

Stores are undergoing a transformation, not only in their purpose in the wider customer journey, but in terms of their technological backend.


MACH Alliance

Casper RasmussenAn interview with Casper Rasmussen, our new MACH Alliance President

An interview with Casper Rasmussen, our new MACH Alliance President


Zuzanna Zareba

Product Information Management MACH-Based Product Information Management – a Step Towards Composable Commerce


A guide to MACH-based order management - future proof your fulfilment


MACH Alliance

machanniversary2 yearTwo Years of MACH Alliance

Today we're tossing confetti and popping a bottle of champagne to toast MACH Alliance's second anniversary.


Jimmy Ekbäck

OcctooData in a MACH vs Monolithic tech setup

Modern CX leaders understand that adaption to the ever-changing landscape of customer experience is crucial to meeting the needs of customers, and that speed of digital innovation is key. To stay ahead, digital experience must flourish at the same pace as customer expectations and behavior –or you risk falling behind.


Gender balance? Don’t get mad, get even

If the medium is the message, what does a 95% male speaker line-up communicate to the world? That’s the question we – three organizers of the first ever MACH ONE conference – had to ask ourselves a few weeks ago.


5 reasons not to join the MACH Alliance


Ronak Shah

Monolith to MACH and learnings along the way


Rajiv Ramachandran

A MACH-Centric Approach to Digital Innovation


MACH AllianceOur 2022 Research Shows MACH Adoption Is High On The Agenda for Tech Leaders

The ‘Enterprise MACHified’ 2022 study, conducted by Mel Research and commissioned by the MACH Alliance, polled senior level technology decision makers (CIOs/CTOs, VP/SVP, Senior Manager) in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. The study is designed to show the state of MACH adoption in these major geographies. It’s clear from the findings this year that intentions to move to MACH architectures remain and progress has been made over the past year with a 19% increase in companies that have moved away from a monolithic stack to best-of-breed. Tech leaders see MACH technologies as the future of architecture with 79% planning to increase investment over the next 12 months and beyond. While intentions are high and 82% of IT leaders say infrastructure is keeping up with customer demands, less than half are satisfied with their ability to deliver customer experience (CX) improvements at speed. This statistic is perhaps the most concerning. But this is where MACH comes into its own, so we would expect improvements over the next 12 months based on MACH intentions cited. It’s also a big reason why the drivers of MACH transition are pull not push. While cycle of release issues and on-premises costs remain a huge burden for organizations, they rank lowest among the drivers. Instead, speed, privacy and ever improving customer experience needs come out top. Overall the findings are encouraging and show that we are moving in the right direction. As an Alliance that advocates for the power of MACH architectures, we are committed to promoting the long-term benefits and ROI that a move to MACH can deliver. In this blog post, Adam Sturrock and Matt Bradbeer break down every component to consider when calculating the Total Cost of Ownership and ROI of a MACH-based architecture. Take a look at the key findings and full survey report. How does your organization compare?


AWS Joins MACH Alliance


Adam Sturrock & Matt Bradbeer

tcoroimachUnderstanding the Total Cost of Ownership and ROI for MACH Architecture


Rob Shaw, SVP Global Sales, Fluent Commerce

The Power of Headless Commerce


Sonja Keerl, President, MACH Alliance

Why we added an Enabler membership category



How MACH Enables the Dynamic Store



How MACH technologies allow you to adapt your digital experiences easily


Founder & CEO of, Eli Finkelshteyn and Global Head of Product Marketing at Contentstack, Sonja Keerl.

Search & Mech: How to create contextual commerce experiences


Gamification tactics for retail brands


Sonja Keerl,

What. A. Year.


Vue Storefront

Headless Commerce is getting more and more accessible


poq Commerce

Using MACH To Win With Today’s Consumer


Nick Sibley, Amplience

What does digital agility mean to your business and how does this benefit your customer?


MACH Alliance

When and How to Move From a Monolithic Approach to a Composable Platform Ecosystem


Morten Næss, Executive Vice President Technology at Bluestone PIM

How the MACH Alliance certification works in practise -- Interview with Morten Næss


Bold Commerce

MACH architecture: Unleashing the checkout to unlock revenue


Katarzyna Maria Banasik, Marketing Specialist at Voucherify

Why and How to Move to Direct to Consumer Online Sales as a Manufacturer?


Henry Bewicke,

Why ‘dark stores’ can be a model for omnichannel excellence


Meet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Dylan Valade, Head of Global E-Commerce Technology at PUMA


by Sonja Keerl, President MACH Alliance

Why only companies can be MACH certified, and not products


MACH Alliance

Meet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Mihaela Mazzenga, CTO at Sharper Image


MACH Alliance

A Future Fit Tech Strategy, with Guest Speaker Allen Bonde


Sonja Keerl

How female powers played an essential part in the founding of the MACH Alliance


MACH Alliance

Why MACH Technology Matters to your CFO


mach terms tuesdayvideoinfo'MACH Terms Tuesday' Videos


MACH Alliance

MACHathonWinnersMACHMACHathon 2021 Winners Solutions for “Getting Unstuck”


MACH Alliance

MACHBlogComposable CommerceThe Journey to Composable Commerce


Meet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Gireesh Sahukar, Senior Director of Digital at Dawn Foods


Meet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Mihaela Mazzenga, Chief Technology Officer at Sharper Image


Mihaela Mazzenga



MACH 2021 Certification


Adam Sturrock

Retail and MACH: Understanding your “why” when implementing


Nicola Kinsella - VP of Marketing Fluent Commerce

Multiple brands & multiple countries: How Retailers can leverage MACH certified Order Management to seamlessly trade and scale.



Moving to Headless Commerce - The 8 most important Technical Considerations


Helen Slaven, Chief revenue officer, Poq

Covid Exit Strategies in the New Normal


Halil Köklü, CTO, LoveCrafts

LoveCrafts loves MACH


Bridget Perry, CMO and Andrew Kumar, Director of Platform Strategy, Contentful

Microservices architecture helps ecommerce brands create custom and flexible experiences for their customers, fast


What Does it Mean to be MACH Certified?


How Retail Leaders are Embracing Disruption with MACH


Breaking the Content Barrier: Augmented Reality in Retail

2021-10-13 finds the ideal blend for tomorrow’s digital wine trade


Nicola Kinsella VP of Marketing Fluent Commerce

Retailers: Why Omnichannel Distribution Matters


David Hartery, Content Lead, Talon.One

Not only for the Players: Gamification in Food Apps


Christian Mattar – commercetools Competency Lead at Valtech Germany

Performance benefits of MACH – business and technical


Markus Tillmann, EVP Mindcurv

5 Conversations Business and Tech Teams Should Have About Enterprise Data Security


Susan Meyer

BigCommerceThe Current (and Future) Age of Retail Ecommerce Demands Headless



The Benefits of Headless Promotion Management Software


Peter Burggraaff, Partner & Director - Digital & Technology in Retail, Boston Consulting Group

Recording- Convincing your CTO that MACH is a smart move- Boston Consulting Group


Dylan Valade, Head of Global E-Commerce Technology, PUMA Group

Recording- How to build a future-proof business model in changing times-Dylan Valade, PUMA


Matt Webb, Group Head Digital, LAB Group

Recording- Flexibility as a Strategy- Matt Webb, LAB Group


Ronak Shah, Partners Solutions Architect- Retail, at Amazon

Recording- Ensuring vendors work well together- Ronak Shah, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


MACH Alliance founders and Phil Wainewright

Recording- A first-year review with the MACH Alliance founders and Phil Wainewright


Anjali Subburaj, Digital Commerce Chief Architect at Mars

Recording- Amplifying Influence- Anjali Subburaj, Mars


Mihaela Mazzenga, Senior VP of Technology Strategy, Valtech

Recording- How to select the right vendors- Mihaela Mazzenga, Valtech


Sree Sreedhararaj Chief Technology Officer, Sephora

Recording- Expected and unexpected results of a MACH journey- Sree Sreedhararaj, Sephora


Melanie Wasley, Digital Product Owner, Rapha

Recording- How to break down barriers between technology and business, Melanie Wasley, Digital Product Owner, Rapha


Katarzyna Maria Banasik, Marketing specialist, Voucherify

Headless Loyalty benefits and drawbacks


Big Commerce

Santa Monica Seafood Leverages Headless for DTC Success


Tom Aniol, Head of Marketing, Vue StoreFront

"Click and Collect" is blossoming, and it will stay with us


Varia Makagonova, Director of Marketing, Contentstack

Intelligent product discovery fast-tracked by MACH


Sonja Kotrotsos

machreplatformecommercecustomerexperiencecmsMACH: Business Technology for 2020 and Beyond

”66% of developers find that maintaining and “paying for” technical debt (aka the money, flexibility, and opportunity lost to a bad technical investment) associated with outdated technology is bad for their productivity at work." State of the Developer report 2109, Devada


Vue Storefront, Mindcurv, FOODL

To provide omnichannel experience during the pandemic, Foodl choose MACH approach



The Role of Order Management in Headless Commerce



REWE Scales the Online Grocery Marketplace with a Flexible MACH Architecture


Moving From Bricks to Clicks in Food and Restaurant Industry


Big Commerce

Four Pillars Gin Spirits Lifted with Headless Tech Stack


MACH Alliance

Introducing our two new ambassadors


Kelly Goetsch

looking backsuccessmachMACH Alliance Closes Out 2020 with 24 Members and 12 Ambassadors


A Technical Panel Discussion About MACH


machambassadorsannouncementMACH Alliance Welcomes Six More Ambassadors


mach terms tuesdaymachvideo'API First' explained in under 1 minute!


Kaia Grzybowska

"MACH Approach to eCommerce” - Get the First MACH Alliance eBook

Get the in-depth guide explaining the benefits of MACH Approach: Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless.


zoromachdigitaltransformationgoingcomposableB2bZoro’s Composable Tech Captures the Customer


mach terms tuesdaycloud-native saasvideoCloud-native SaaS explained in under 1 minute


Jimmy Ekbäck

machocctoogrowthMeet Occtoo! Fast forward the creation of a relevant customer experience everywhere


Meet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Adam Sturrock, Tech Consultant and Co-Founder of Moltin


machdigital transformationbimaFuture-proofing the tech ecosystem for an uncertain future


How fast can you move with MACH? A 4-week augmented reality experiment