Mach One Conference

28 & 29 June / London MACH ONE Conference

Recording- How to break down barriers between technology and business, Melanie Wasley, Digital Product Owner, Rapha

Navigating the relationships between business and technology teams, Melanie Wasley has seen first-hand how critical good communication is to the success of any MACH initiative.

During her time as Head of Digital Product at Debenhams, an early adopter of headless in retail, Melanie led her team to embrace new, collaborative ways of working to get the most out of modern commerce solutions. Now, she is applying that cross-functional mindset at Rapha, as the cycling apparel brand takes the first steps to a MACH transition.

“The technology shouldn’t be a mystery to you if you’re not in tech, you should be able to work with people in your team to understand it and they should be able to bring it to life for you,” says Melanie. “So that you’ve got the right understanding to be able to make decisions about what that would mean for the customer experience, or for people using the tool in the business.”

In this session, Melanie shares 5 key ways Rapha is building cross-functional relationships and offers practical tips for other organizations looking to bridge the gap between technology and business to empower teams to embrace big opportunities.

This presentation covers:

  • How to build cross-functional teams that understand and leverage the skills of all members.
  • What conversations should be had early on to align on goals, scope, and ways of working.
  • Why learning needs to go both ways - between business and tech teams - to create truly useful solutions.