Mach One Conference

28 & 29 June / London MACH ONE Conference

The Role of Order Management in Headless Commerce

The ecommerce world changes according to consumer behaviour. As consumers change how and where they shop—via mobile devices, social media, kiosks—it became clear that legacy systems could not keep up. Customer demands were ever-changing. Traditional systems are rigid and do not offer the flexibility or adaptability that is needed for today’s consumers. Changes take too long or are too complex.

Headless commerce is really about being unrestricted, assembling seamless customer experiences across an array of channels and having the ability to change quickly.

Jamie & Alan explore 5 key areas an OMS can increase agility and reduce risk in your headless commerce approach:

1 - Real-time inventory visibility - where and how do you use this to maximise your reach across channels

2 - Control what you sell and where - in each channel, marketplace or region

3 - Share inventory and order data - from a multitude of other systems

4 - Improve product availability - match supply and demand in an increasingly complex shopping world

5 - Phased rollouts - how to de-risk an OMS project