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28 & 29 June / London MACH ONE Conference


The coronavirus impact on retailers and manufacturers. Why should you move to Direct to Customer sales? Strategies to adapt if you are moving to Direct to Consumer sales online.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, customers started shopping online more. It is predicted to have long-lasting effects on customer behaviour, also post-pandemic, and across all age groups.

The digital transformation, expected to happen within the next five years, is happening within a couple of months. Due to government regulations and customer preferences, brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing drastically lower revenue.

Building e-commerce capabilities became crucial for both retailers and manufacturers. Manufacturers who do not have pure online retailers in their portfolio should strongly consider starting Direct to Consumers sales. Those who sell through online retailers should consider it due to the many advantages of direct sales.

There are various strategies to help you move to Direct to Consumer sales. Wherever you are with your transformation to omnichannel or direct sales specifically, MACH software can get you there faster and at a fraction of the cost in the long term.

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • The economic environment in light of the coronavirus crisis.
  • Retailers are moving to direct online sales.
  • Why should manufacturers open Direct to Consumer sales?
  • Strategies to successfully move to Direct to Consumer sales.